November 29, 2010

Added logos to the About page

I worked hard to design the logos for our branch teams, so I might as well show them off. Check out the about page > branch teams to check'em out!

November 26, 2010


Organized the Cepheus channel a bit. I remade the playlists to avoid clutter, changed the layout to be a bit more practical and I changed the members list to alphabetical. So if you wonder why your name moved on the list, that's why. We don't hate you.

We've also uploaded a new Everybody Edits adventure. We did a pretty impressive picture of link so check it out!

November 18, 2010

A Blast From the Past

Hey, it's me, Muuuu-sama! ^__^ Here with a blast from the past. Around when I first came into this team, me and brandon become brothers quickly. So, since we already had one Tsubasa Dub under our belt, we felt this would be good training to brush up on our voices for our slated characters. Enjoy this season opening of Blast From the Past! ;D

((Click the Title to see =3 ))

November 17, 2010

Added favicon + some layout changes

I'm constantly making small changes to the layout, like the header and the favicon. I'll add or take away stuff as it seems necessary. It's looking pretty good so far

November 16, 2010

Garnet Star

Current Projects:
Fate's Eve

Alderamin Music

Current projects:
Persona Revelations OST

JonFawkes here!

Wow, this new blog looks great, we all need to give Jay a huge thanks. We'll be posting videos and projects as we release them, so follow us guys, this is gonna be great!


Hey this is Jay from TC making the first post. I'm not sure if there will be more since this was a random idea but I hope it works out! We had a website before but it didn't work out probably since we were using freewebs and that can get confusing for members. I've looked around this blog site though and discovered it is incredibly easy for multiple users to make blog posts. This could be a good way to keep our fans and the rest of TC informed! I hope this works out.