About Cepheus


In the summer of 2008, Melody Brown created the Youtube account "JaytheUnseen1" and took on the alias "Jay". With a great respect for fandubbing but not much experience, she decided to host auditions to fandub the upcoming Tales of Vesperia movie ~The First Strike~.

Soon, many people started posting their auditions. The people she ended up chosing decided to get together and became a good group of friends. This group of friends was called themselves "Fandub Team Brave Vesperia" to honor the game they loved to dub.

As they grew, they started to branch out further and dub things other than Tales of Vesperia. This made a huge change within the group. Now that they weren't just dubbing Tales of Vesperia, they needed their own unique name. Despite wanting to change, they still wanted to be "the brightest star in the sky" as was Brave Vesperia. After lots of ideas and consideration, they all agreed to "Cepheus". Cepheus is a northern constellation named after a Greek king. It is very grand with a variety of stars, just like this fandub group.

They are still growing, getting better as people and fandubbers. Stronger than ever; Fandub Team Cepheus.

What We Do

Fandub Team Cepheus is a group of Amateur voice actors that host fandubs and other projects as a team. Our other projects include music production, art production, radio plays, and more. We make good use of our abilities as a team and hope to bring out some excellent projects to the public.

Branch Teams

Garnet Star, named after one of the stars that make up the Cepheus constellation, is a branch of Team Cepheus specializing in art production.

Jay - Lead Artist
Alison - Second Artist
Jon - Concept Designer
Matt - Background Artist
Sam R. - First Writer
Caitlin - Second Writer

Alderamin Music, named after the star Alderamin (one of the stars that make up the constellation of Cepheus), is a branch group of Team Cepheus, specializing in music production.

Mu - Leader
Jay - Musician, Keyboard
Wes - Musician, Electronic
Lexi - Musician, Piano, Singer
Ashley - Musician